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Site Map & Rules
Circle CG Farm Site Map
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Campers: Must register and pay at the office upon arrival. Check-in time is 1:00 PM. Check-out time is 1:00 PM. For early arrivals and late departures there will be an extra fee. Car Passes provided must be placed on the rearview mirror of the campsite vehicle upon arrival and must remain there until departure. Two Cars are allowed per site. Vistitors cars should be kept in the parking lot. Campground Speed not to exceed seven miles per hour.
Visitor Policy: If camper is to have visitors, the camper must pre-register and pay for them. Camper will be limited to six people. If visitors leave within one-half hour, fee will be refunded. Otherwise a $5.00 fee per guest will be collected. Visitor Check-out time is 10:00 PM and guests are not allowed to bring pets. Vistitors are welcome to use all campground facilities. Visitors are limited to six per site.
Pets: A leash will be required. Please keep pets out of pool area and play ground area. Owners must clean up after their pets.
Swimming and Pool Rules: Non-swimmers should be kept within marker lined area and supervised at all times. Air-rafts, innertubes and other flotation devices are not allowed. All facilities are used at your own risk. There is no Lifeguard. Children under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult to use swimming pools. No eating or drinking inside pool fence. No laundering or soaping in swimming pools. Do not throw rocks, sticks or other refuse in the swimming pools.
General Policy: Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children in the water and on all facilities provided in the area. Climbing trees and playing around Rest Rooms is not allowed. Small children should be escorted to Rest Rooms. Faces and hands, dishes, food or clothes should not be rinsed or washed at faucets. Children 12 years and under should be back to their campsite by 9:00 PM. Teens should return by 10:00 PM.
General Quiet: Between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM. TV and Radio noise should be reduced by 9:00 PM. Absolute Quiet and Campfires doused by 11:30 PM.
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